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“Sweet Dream Makers on a mission to provide beds for kids in need”, Coastal Star (5/29/19)

What a great article about Sweet Dream Makers in the Coastal Star!!!

There is no substitute for a good night’s sleep. You can’t buy one. You can’t pay someone to sleep for you.
Something happens when we sleep. We heal. We learn. We adapt. We solve problems. And we dream.
No one knows exactly why, but experts do know sleep is just as critical as food and water. Fatigue from too little sleep increases the risk of accidents and injuries, and sleep deprivation contributes to the development of heart disease and other medical problems.
For children, sleep is even more critical. Their brains are still maturing, and they’re constantly challenged with new learning and experiences. Teachers will tell you a child needs two things to set him up to learn: a good night’s sleep and breakfast.
There’s a network of food pantries and free school breakfast programs working hard to get kids the nutrition their brains need to grow.
On the sleep side, there’s Suzy Broad and Sweet Dream Makers. . . .

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