Our impact

Beds lead to better sleep, better school performance, and stronger families.

Our impact

Beds lead to better sleep, better school performance, and stronger families.


We’re making a real difference in South Florida, one family at a time.

Hundreds of families have told us that having beds does so much more than give them sweet dreams. Behavior, mental and physical health, academic performance, and family harmony are all improved by healthy sleep.

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“I honestly don’t even know where to begin to say thanks. I am a mother of five beautiful children and I work very hard. Teaching and molding my children to be good like you. I’m blessed to have been able to receive these beds and bedding. Thank you for being the people that have a heart to do these things. Honestly, I cannot say it enough. I’m truly blessed and one day I will pay it forward! Thank you.”

-Marcia, mom

Our impact is growing on an exponential scale each year

Since January 2017, the number of requests for beds received by Sweet Dream Makers has risen more than 200%. Providing safe, clean, and appropriate beds has significant, immediate, and positive impacts on health, education, and well-being of children and families. Our recipients report that:

  • 85% have overcome challenges including insomnia and inability to sleep through the night.
  • Nearly 80% have better behavior, grades, and homework habits.

These outcomes prove that beds are critical to helping children have the basic comfort and security necessary to reach their full potential. That’s why we won’t rest until every child has a bed of their own.

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